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One Piece Episode 871

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Sparkplug This Site is getting worse and worse all the time.. i used to watch all my anime here.. but YOUR SERVERS SUK nowadays to hard to watch ANYTHING.
10 days ago
rachelcp i used to like onepiece but ever since the beginning of dressrosa things have been getting stretched further and further to the point of insanity they should just add a long filler arc and then go on a long break for a while to let the manga get ahead and then come back and pace it out more sensibly instead of filling it with reaction shot after reaction shot and slow pans of characters staring at each other its ridiculous
15 days ago
Kaiten-kenbo Whats with all the complaining ...?? compared to how long it took to get here this episode was pretty straight forward.
16 days ago
biodude743 lol so many complaints about how ppl dont like how one piece drags out fights and piece has always been like that ppl....ive seen every episode more then once...simple solution......IF YOU DONT LIKE DONT WATCH IT.....VERY VERY SIMPLE......I LOVE ONE PIECE AND WILL RIDE OR DIE TILL THE END!!!!!
16 days ago
funkeyyy JESUS CHRIST!!! 1 anime episode is almost equivalent to 1 manga chapter. The Katakuri fight took like 9 months, Whole cake arc should have been at least 50-60 episodes only.
16 days ago
Zetsubo-kun oda needs to get his team to focus on progressing quicker with the manga and maybe put in a few unrelated, but funny filler specials in the anime. (i always enjoyed the detective luffy set in the warring states period of japan.) cause this feels like its dragging on so so much. id rather have a few funny eps in between than countless scenes of panting, brulee screaming and crying and luffy being battered to the extent of him literally becoming batter. but somehow not dying and still winning in the end. i had skipped like 6eps because i felt like this was gonna be a long fight and then i saw that after those six eps the fight wasnt nearly over, in fact turns out i was just halfway through-___-
16 days ago
Joakim101 It's as if they are trying their best to ruin the show, have ratings drop disastrously until the anime cancelled. It's not even funny anymore. I keep watching coz I remember the good old days of One Piece and I keep hoping the directors get their shit together but man... sour disappointment
16 days ago